Things you hear during Mardi Gras

I was a medical student at the time rotating in the accident (not on purpose) room at charity.  3rd year.  Mardi Gras brought ought the extra special characters.  A lady in a pleather cat woman suite showed up with irregular gait, slurring of words, speaking loudly.  after evaluation she was found to be only inebriated.  She was placed on a stretcher, placed in an exam room,  gently restrained  and would be observed until she became more coherent and not a danget to herself or others or someone responsible showed up to get her.  She became more coherent and cooperative as she sobered and her restraints were removed.  More people came and went as there were multiple drunks, fights, falls, car accidents over the day.  It was quite busy.  But finally, a quiet time came around. It was at that time we heard the distinctive sound of a defibrillator discharging and a loud crash from the room she had been in.

All responders rushed to the room and there on the floor was cat woman, just coming around after attempting to defibrillate herself. cat suit smoking! (Ok I might have imagined that, but the pleather wasnt doing well–it did look charred),  .  Of course, one of the first questions to her was “What were you doing?”  Her answer was “I saw it on TV and wanted to see what it was like.”  Luckily, she was not hurt and was discharged as soon as possible.  Lesson learned:  No machines turned on in the same room with drunks to play with.

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