1. The most unusual or dramatic “Room 4” or ER patient
2. Best “third world” trick you learned at Charity that really worked ( ex. Tickle tube to clear up atelectasis)
3. Best prisoner story
4. Best trip to Angola story ( this may be the same as # 3 above)
5. Power outages at Charity and making rounds in the dark with only your pen light
6. Best DT/alcohol withdrawal story
7. Best patient dump to Charity from outlying hospital
8. Best patient leaving AMA story
9. Best “how I got hurt story”
10. Best ” I was minded my own business, and these two dudes shot me” story
11. Best clinic story
12. Best male/female ward mix up story – ex: patient looks like a female and admitted to female ward, and nurse calls you to move patient to male ward.
13. Best see one, do one, teach one moment
14. Best “MD” – “Making Do” moment
15. Best Lallie Kemp or Little Charity story
16. Best Charity cafeteria story – Friday gumbo “Ya Ya” –what was in that?
17. Best Charity elevator story – State employees “drove” the elevators even after they were modernized

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