A Dream Come True

Before coming to “Big Charity” I lived in Tampa Florida with my parents and nine siblings. My dream was to be a nurse. After graduating from high school I went to work as a ward clerk at Tampa General Hospital. I was encouraged by many to fulfill my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. When choosing which school to attend I surveyed nurses, interns, residents and practicing physicians at this hospital. Charity Hospital in New Orleans was recommended in overwhelming numbers by all of the professionals I surveyed. At the time Charity was the largest hospital of its kind in the US and supported by the Medical Schools of Louisiana State University and Tulane University. I am so proud to have received my education at Charity. My Charity Nursing Pin is widely recognized around the United States which is a tribute to the great reputation for the work that was done there. I know that I received the best preparation for nursing one could hope for in terms of professionalism and practical experience. THANK YOU CHARITY HOSPITAL.

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