Walking Stretcher

In September 1985, I was “charge resident” in the accident room.  Since PCP and Clickers were the drug de Jour of the time, on one occasion.  The patient came in with some fairly minor cuts, but due to his uncooperative condition, we could not sew him up.  The Charity security guards were enlisted to put him in a position, so he could settle down.  He was restrained on a gurney at both wrists and ankles and placed in this “suture room.”  We figured he would be safe for a while there until he was more cooperative.  After a few minutes, we heard a noise in the suture room.  The doors flew open and he walked out on his own 2 feet.  The restraints were still in place with the gurney attached to his back while he shuffled his feet back and forth down the hallway.

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