The rentacop

I was working back in the cast room when we heard a disturbance at the entrance to the ER. The “questioning room” for police suspects as most will remember was next to the cast room.   In there was a suspect being “asked questions” by the police.  Apparently he was a robbery suspect. The disturbance at the ER door was his partner coming to rescue him.  Shots were being fired and everyone was diving under gurneys.  The rentacop hired by the hospital who most people ignored cause he looked like the sheriff in the movie Smokey and the bandit was coming down the hall to see what all the ruckus was about.  The partner saw him and fired a shot which winged the rentacop in his non shooting shoulder. The rentacop was heard to say as he drew his gun,” you son of a bitch ” as he proceeded to blow the partner away.  We had so much respect for him after that.


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