Shots fired in the bathroom

I was a 3rd year surgery resident working in the medical emergency room when a prisoner stole a guard’s gun and shot him in the bathroom.  I had been about to cross from the medical ER to the accident room for a consult when I saw the guard at the door reach for his gun and yell, “He’s got a gun,” Then gunshots were heard.

The EMTs and I grabbed the psych patients in wheelchairs near the door and wheeled them into the medical ER in the opposite direction.  Everyone was told to stay at their cubicles.  the place went on lock down.  the swat team came in.  Everyone was watching the ceiling because something like this had happened before and the escapee crashed down from above.

As I was hunkered down behind a wall, keeping an eye out; yet still doing charting; my cell phone rang.  It was my mom asking if I was alright as she was watching the news.  I reassured her that I was.  she also said that my uncle (on the police force in Bogalusa) wanted to know if I needed a bullet proof vest for Christmas.  I told mom maybe,

All exits and entrances had law enforcement at them.  When the Chief came down for the room 4 as it had come across as GSW; he and the team were stopped and told they could not enter.  When he explained that they were the trauma team, the officer said; “Ok doc.  We’ll let you in, just keep low,”

The prison guard had an isolated ortho injury to his elbow.  the prisoner, who had shot himself, had to go to surgery.  He got a colostomy for his trouble but lived.

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