Key to the City, Almost

In 1970 I was driving around New Orleans with all my possessions in the back seat prior to starting my junior year at Tulane Medical. On Napolean at St. Charles there was a beautiful building with an apartment to rent sign and a phone number. Since cell phones had not been invented yet, I went to the corner phone booth, deposited my nickel and called. I was told to wait there and someone would be there soon to show me the apartment. As I waited on the curb, a big white Lincoln limo pulled up. The driver got out and opened the back door. To my surprise Mayor Victor Schiro exited in a three piece suit.  He owned the building. Mayor Schiro’s apartment was beautiful with a nice kitchen and furnished living room and washer and drier. When I asked the price he said it was$100.00 per month which was in my price range. I said I’ll take it. Just show me the bedroom. Unfortunately, there wasn”t one, only a pullout bed from the wall. That spoiled the deal. When I asked Mayor Schiro why he personally was showing me a 100.00 apartment, he said he likes to personally meet all his prospective tenants for his approval. He said he would have liked to have me as a tenant but it did not meet my needs even at that price. We had a nice visit which I will always remember. What a great city and university to have so many unique and memorable experiences!


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