karma gets the culprit

I was an intern  on the LSU general surgery trauma service when a guy came in as a victim of a car jacking.  He had been shot in the leg but otherwise was doing fine.  He was sitting in the hallway waiting on xrays of his leg when a room four trauma was brought in past him.

As the guy on the gurney went past the guy, the first patient recognized him as the guy who had shot him.  He began screaming “that’s the guy who shot me!” He was trying to get out of his wheelchair to get to the guy.

The other guy was on a backboard, strapped in a c collar and he couldnt see who was yelling that. He had led the police on a high speed chase, had wrecked the car and had sustained injuries.   However, he did yell back, ” It wasnt me.  I want a lawyer”

The third year surgery resident placed  a calming hand on the first guy’s shoulder, smiled and said; “Sir, dont worry. We’re about to take care of him.”  Shortly after that the distinctive yell letting all know that the rectal exam and foley catheter were being placed could be heard.

Of course, the car jacker turned out to have only minor injuries and would be discharged to police care with a postive ID from the victim.

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