Pay Checks Delayed for All Louisiana Residents

Sometime around 1986, 1987, a Tulane general surgery resident had a hard time keeping up with his bills.  He went to see Dr. Morris Kerstein who at that time was the Dean of student affairs at the Tulane medical school as well as an advocate for all residents.  The resident had his bills on a schedule so that when he received his paycheck, they were paid on time.  The resident told Dr. Kerstein that his paycheck was late the past few pay periods, and he was having trouble meeting the deadline for his bills.  When Dr. Kerstein looked into the matter, he found out that the State of Louisiana was delaying all Louisiana medical residents paycheck one day, each pay period.  Their plan was to save money by delaying paychecks one day each pay period until one whole pay period was eliminated, therefore, saving all that money.  No wonder it felt like working in a third world country at Charity hospital.

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