Natural Born Tulane OB

1972, senior year in medical school

I was scheduled to report to the obstetrics unit for my required rotation. I had no idea what to expect since there were no lectures or any orientation prior. I took the elevator up to the OB floor, exited and saw some frosted glass doors labelled delivery. A nurse stuck her head out and asked if I was the Tulane medical student assigned to delivery. After I responded affirmatively she said good we have a delivery in room one. The patient was already on the delivery table, the baby’s head was coming out, and no else was in the room. I eased the patient’s anxiety by exclaiming I have never seen a delivery and had no idea what to do.The nurse said no problem and she would tell me how to do it. I supported the baby’s head, cut the umbilical cord from around the neck and was soon off to my next delivery one after the other.





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