Meet Tracie Dahlll….

My senior year 1970 I was on the Tulane OB service at Charity. The resident was called to see an unusual patient. The resident was very overworked and really cared about his patients however, he had an unbelievable sense of humor and mischievousness. The patient was a man named Tracie Dahl who had a sex change operation recently at Duke University. He had strictures in the vaginal area requiring attention. The resident could not resist admitting this patient to the open ward gyn service. We had never heard of such a thing. Tracie would get up at 4:00 AM each morning to shave just to avoid suspicion. One of the medical students had to go to Maison Blanche to buy special panties for her. None of the patients seemed to think anything was out of the ordinary since this situation was unheard of at that time. She was quite a hit with attendings on rounds. She even attended a Halloween party with one of the medical staff. I might add that when I  was a  Tulane undergraduate student I was in the same fraternity as Jerry Springer. He graduated the year I started but I met him some time ago at a fraternity reunion. I told him this story. I would also like to add that if Tracie is ever on his show, I refuse to be an invited guest.

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