Fireman Chuck

There was a special bond between Firemen and Police.  They know we would take care of them and they took care of us.  As a student nurse we got our patient assignments Monday by 5PM.  We were not to be in the hospital after dark. We spent Monday night (All night many times) creating our care plan’s, patho paper. nursing diagnosis, drug cards, etc  One Tuesday morning 6AM I was in the shower getting ready for clinical.  I had about 45 minutes of sleep.  I lived on the 10th floor.  I hear a man calling my name.  The dorm had an electrical fire in the basement.  The man was a fireman named Chuck.  He made me leave the shower wrapped in a towel and lead me down 10 floors and out to South Claiborne in front of all the police and firemen wrapped  in a towel.  I loved my time there.  I morn the loss of this Great Lady called Charity Hospital.  Signed a Proud Charity Nurse, Lori Sherwood Dykes, RN, BSN, NBCSN

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