Accident Room Patients

One night a tripped out patient had some type of minor injury and was lying on the stretcher in the hallway of the Accident Room. At the top of his lungs he began talking and singing to the recently deceased Marvin Gaye. I could hear him like it was yesterday. “Marvin, Marvin, I’m coming’ to you Marvin. What’s going’ on? What’s goin’ on ?!”

Another night a young trashy inebriated street-type woman had a pelvic fracture and was in a stretcher waiting for admission and was screaming at the top of her lungs over and over, “My p***y hurts, my “p***y is killing me !” Suddenly out of the background someone quipped, “I guess that means you’re 100% disabled from your current profession.”

I was called to the accident room to treat a severe foot injury from a motorcycle accident. The patient was a large tall man standing 6’8″, but had a nice demeanor despite his bad injury. He later told he that he was the original “Chopsley”, Morgus the Magnificent’s hooded assistant in the local TV show from the 60’s. He would be my first “celebrity” patient.

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